Bettendorf officials warn of new phone scam that threatens to kill victim's family members

Published: Apr. 4, 2018 at 5:33 AM CDT
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The Bettendorf Police Department is warning residents of scams after the department has received multiple calls for them.

Bettendorf officials say the phone scams residents are receiving are similar to the "grandparent emergency scam", however, now they're taking on a threatening approach.

The caller is threatening bodily harm to the victim's family member if they do not pay a certain amount to the caller via pre-paid debit cards. The caller claims the victim's family member caused a car accident, so the family member is being held hostage until the victim can pay for damages. The victim is warned that if they call the police, the caller will kill the family member.

All victims who have received this phone call have contacted their family members to determine if they were safe.

Bettendorf law enforcement says this is a new variation to all the phone scams that are happening.

If you receive a type of scam call like this, just hang up the phone immediately. Call your relative with the phone number you have for them to determine that they are fine.