Proposed bill bans red-light and speed cameras in Iowa

Published: Jan. 18, 2018 at 4:28 PM CST
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After years of discussion, speeding and red-light cameras in Iowa could soon be banned. House Study Bill 512 would ban speed and traffic enforcement cameras. It would also prohibit any local ordinances from allowing them, starting July 1. Due to the political makeup of this legislature, Iowa Representative Jim Lykam said it could have enough support to pass.

"I think it has a shot because this is the first year they have the trifecta where they control both chambers and the governors office," said Lykam. "Before we always had the Senate as a back drop and they had blocked it in the past but we no longer have that."

Lykam is against the bill and said the cameras help with safety in various parts of the state. Officers with the Davenport Police Department agree. According to police, crashes at three intersections have dropped 65 percent overall since red-light cameras were installed. If the bill passes, officials said the impact could be detrimental to the department. The city budgets an estimated $1.1 million in the General Fund that supports public safety. That revenue directly supports the departments operations and is equal to 20 police officer salaries.

Meantime, Rock Island resident, Marvin Neely is for the bill. He said he would like to see more officers on the streets in place of cameras.

"It's an unfair advantage for the police, and I think a police presence is better than a camera."