Black Hawk College men and women's basketball teams help Rock Island youth basketball players

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois (KWQC) - The Rock Island Parks and Rec youth basketball teams took tips from the Black Hawk College men and women's teams on Saturday.

The "opening day jamboree" at the Rock Island Fitness and Activity Center was filled with young kids, learning from college athletes.

The camp was a way to help tune the young ballers skills, but it meant even more than just practice for those who participated.

"Our program is for the kids to have some fun, learn a little skill, but also to work on their socialization skill," said sports recreation manager, Pete Pena.

"I just want them to be more confident and self-assured cause that will definitely carry on with their playing ability and with life and their future," said Black Hawk women's basketball player, Rebecca Hunt.

Hunt says she remembers coming to camps like today's when she was young, and having those athletes to look up to is so important for so many reasons - reasons that can go beyond the game.