Buffalo community prepares for Mississippi River flooding

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BUFFALO, Iowa (KWQC) - After a crest last weekend, the Mississippi River is back on the rise. It is expected to reach 20 feet by this time next weekend. Flood stage is 15 feet.

The rise has businesses and homeowners in Buffalo, Iowa preparing for the possibility of flood waters reaching their properties.

"I'm going by what everybody is telling us. And I'd rather be safe than sorry," Judy Vanblaracom, owner of Judy’s Barge Inn, said.

Situated along the banks of the Mississippi, spring flooding isn't new to the community, and they know how to work together to prepare.

"The whole town and West High, Central...all the people. They just came about. We had probably 20 to 30 trucks. People came out of the woodwork. There were tractors from the farmers. Everybody was helping. The community just came together and they just help each other," Vanblaracom said.

The community helped each other sandbagging along storefronts and homes in the flood zone.

"It’s a community effort and everybody helps everybody. It was just awesome. We had the soccer team in here eating pizza when it was done. They sandbagged. We had a bunch of other people on this side of the restaurant eating and drinking. They just all come together. That's how this town is, it's amazing...it's amazing," Vanblaracom said.

While the threat will stick around for several more weeks, Judy isn't going anywhere.

"I just love where I'm at. And flood or no flood I’m staying here and we'll deal with it, we'll deal with it," she said.

The National Weather Service expects the Mississippi River in Rock Island to reach 19.9 feet by next weekend. Click here to see current river levels.