Businesses experience salt shortage this winter

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Some Quad City BUSINESSES ARE DEALING WITH A SALT SHORTAGE due to the amount of snow and ice this winter.

Madison Fiorato is a Downtown Davenport property manager and is struggling to find enough salt for sidewalks and parking lots.

“We have two parking lots. Basically a mile of sidewalks. Our garbage bin is iced in. It's been super hard to get recently. I had to call a few places...and we were having issues," Fiorato said.

She's also found herself spending more money clearing snow and ice than her company planned.

"We're over budget, yeah. I don't think in December when we budgeted for the year that we had planned to spend thousands of dollars on snow removal," she said.

Mark Hayman owns Hayman's ACE Hardware and he can't keep enough salt in stock.

"We usually get two-three pallets at a time and they last two-three hours. It's gone real quick," he said.

In a typical winter, Hayman's ACE orders five to seven pallets for the season, but so far this year, they have ordered 30 and it’s keeping their suppliers busy.

"It's real hard to get in. Suppliers are running low on bagging material. They can still get it in bulk. It's just a matter of putting it in bag, and sealed up and out the door," Hayman said.

He hopes to have more salt in stock on Thursday, which can't come soon enough for people like Fiorato.

Here is what the following local businesses have in stock as of Tuesday:

  • Home Hardware on 37th: Out but getting 120 bags on Wednesday

  • Haymans on 4th: Out

  • Harbor Freight on Kimberly: Does not carry

  • K&K Bettendorf: In stock

  • Handy True Valley on 30th in Rock Island: Out of 50 lbs. bags as of Tuesday

  • Trevor True Value in Moline: Out