Businesses in Buffalo working to reopen

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BUFFALO, Iowa (KWQC) -- In Buffalo, many businesses have started the cleanup process after sandbag walls collapsed last week. The town is dried up for the most part and some say it’s a sign of relief.

The city's pumps are hard at work and so are family and friends at Clark’s Landing. The kitchen floor torn up and the spices that bring the flavor of the restaurant to life are patiently waiting to be used again.

“Buffalo loves Clark’s Landing, so we are here today to start him off. Hopefully, he opens up soon,” said Steve Mendez, cousin of Tony Mendez, owner of Clark’s Landing.

For many of the businesses and homes in the area, this isn't their first rodeo.

“You take the good and the bad. There’s more good than bad,” said Tony Mendez, owner of Clark’s Landing.

As Clark’s Landing works to reopen, inside of Judy’s Barge Inn, employees are getting ready for opening day on Thursday.

“I’m excited, we need to go back to work. we need people to come here and spend money,” said Judy Van Blaracom, owner of Judy’s Barge Inn.

As the water goes down, the town is finally getting back to its normal routine. As of right now, Clark’s Landing does not have an exact opening date. Judy’s Barge Inn will reopen at 11 a.m. Thursday.

The city has mainly relied on sandbags to stop the water. They say the main reason the town floods is because the water backs up because of the storm drain.