Businesses near Bettendorf shooting respond to Big 10 Mart homicide

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Bettendorf, Iowa (KWQC) - Businesses located near the Big 10 Mart are surprised that there was a fatal shooting in Bettendorf on Saturday.

Businesses located near the Big 10 Mart said they are surprised that there was a fatal shooting in Bettendorf on Saturday. (KWQC)

Brittany Wilson was shot at about 5:40 p.m. by a suspect that police are still searching for.

Bettendorf Chief of Police Keith Kimball told TV6 that after police watched the security video, they believe Wilson and the suspect did not know each other.

Blo Dry Bar across the street from the gas station was surprised by this.

“I would say that it is kind of bizarre,” said stylist Keri Schwanekamp. “Usually when you hear about things like that happening in smaller areas it always is related to some type of domestic disagreement or some type of pre-existing issues.”

Schwanekamp said because the Quad City population is growing people are able to travel more easily from areas considered to have more crime versus areas that have less of it.

“I think that we should be more concerned about how we can help one another as communities that are so close together,” she said.

Tony Miano, an Evangelist Grace Fellowship Church, stood at the intersection next to the gas station on Monday. He was there to help support anyone who wanted to stop by and talk about what happened.

“People are going to be thinking what if that was me? What if that was someone I loved? So I’m out here today with my cross,” said Miano. “It says stop and talk on it, hoping that people will want to stop and talk about spiritual things.”

He does this throughout the area whenever significant events take place.

While his job isn’t new to him --- he said he is surprised that this shooting happened in Bettendorf.

“They can certainly happen at any place or at anytime,” Miano said.

Other businesses like State Farm next door to Big 10 Mart and Kwik Star across the street said they are still in shock from the shooting as well.

A State Farm employee said she stops by the gas station all the time. She said she is friends with a few of their employees and always walked in through the back door to grab a snack or drink and say hello.

But now she said the gas station has locked their back door. Big 10 Mart put up a sign on the door that said, “This door will remain locked at all times. Please use front entrance.”

The State Farm employee said she thinks this might be due to what happened.

Across the street at Kwik Star --- the employee said more customers are coming to their gas station now.

She said they are normally competing businesses but now her Kwik Star coworkers are walking over to Big 10 Mart and checking on the employees there.

Big 10 Mart released a statement that said Wilson was the only person working at the station at the time of the shooting.

The Kwik Star employee said the Big 10 Mart employees told them they’ve been looking into the idea of making sure two or more employees are working at all times.