Cadaver dogs search property on Campbell's Island regarding Trudy Appleby case, find items but no remains

Published: Oct. 2, 2017 at 1:37 PM CDT
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UPDATE: Crews have covered the hole they dug open earlier. They searched a property on the island after a cadaver dog picked up the scent of human remains. They did not find any human remains, but police say they did find a few items. Police wouldn’t say what those items are. Family members say they’re still pushing for answers and they’re thankful police are doing the same.

The property searched used to have a house on it, the man living in that house at the time was Dave Whipple, the son-in-law of the person of interest in the case, William "Ed" Smith.

Smith is now deceased.

The property also sits directly across the street from where Smith used to live.


UPDATE: Investigators were on Campbell's Island in East Moline Monday afternoon following a lead in the investigation into the disappearance of Trudy Appleby.

According to police, during interviews with those associated with the person of interest in this case, information was gathered that directed us to look for potential evidence in two lots on Campbell's Island, East Moline.

The Moline Police Department contacted Canine Search Solutions out of Wisconsin who brought K9s certified in the detection of human remains, more commonly known as Cadaver Dogs. Police say Canine Search Solutions certified Human Remains Detection Dog are trained to detect and indicate to the odor of actively decomposing or decomposed human remains, which occurs from the point of immediate death to many years post-mortem.

The properties searched are connected to the family of the person of interest.

Police say the K9 Human Remains Detection Dog indicated to the presence of an odor and further investigating will be done on one of the properties.

Police say it is important to note the K9 could be alerting human remains or the odor of human remains and not specifically Trudy Appleby.

The family of Trudy Appleby has been informed of the search and is being kept updated throughout the investigation. The Rock Island County State's Attorney's office is also aware and monitoring the search.

UPDATE: Police say they are following up on information received regarding the disappearance of Trudy Appleby.

UPDATE: Police say the dog has made a hit on something. They tell us they are bringing in heavy equipment to continue the search.

ORIGINAL: A cadaver dog searched Campbell's Island in East Moline Monday afternoon, October 2. Detective Michael Griffin with the Moline Police Department tells us the dog is from Wisconsin. The dog is on scene near Homestead Street with investigators from the Illinois State Crime Lab.

We have a crew on scene and are waiting for more information from police on the search.

Back in August of this year, Moline Police released new information in the disappearance of Trudy Appleby in 1996. They say in the days leading up to August 21, 1996, Trudy Appleby requested to go swimming with a friend who lived on Campbell’s Island. Trudy’s father did not allow her to go swimming, but phone records show she may have planned to go ahead with her swimming plans.