Calvary Lutheran Church honors service men killed in WWII and Korean War

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MOLINE, Illinois (KWQC) - In honor of its 100th anniversary, Calvary Lutheran Church in Moline dedicated a plaque on Sunday morning in honor of four members killed in World War II and the Korean War.

The four men's names - Carl Wickstrom, Glenn Kroeger, Reginald Berg, and Jack Anderberg - were discovered during historical research being done for the church's 100th anniversary. The church secretary has been doing history projects for the church this year, remembering 100 years of serving faith in the area, when she came across the four men and thought it was only right they be honored forever.

“I found out that when I started putting them in the newsletter, more people were coming forward and going, 'How did you find these? Oh my gosh, we need to do something,’” said Teri Greibel, the church’s secretary. “So, it did make an impact, and I believe the more we learn about our past the more we can learn about our future.”

The plaque honoring the four past church members will be hung in a prominent place in their church, so everyone can remember the sacrifice they gave for the country. Sunday's service also started with a prayer for the men and their families.