Car show held for stolen car crash victim

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois (KWQC) - It has been just a few weeks since Tammy Loos was killed when the car she was in was hit by a group of people in a stolen car. On Saturday, the community showed her fiancé how much they mean to them.

“Everybody's coming together as one today for that,” said Loos’ fiance Matt Burroughs.

Only a few weeks have passed, and Matt Burroughs is still recovering from the tragic loss of his soon-to-be wife.

“The outreach that I've had from, to be honest all over the United States of America. It's went viral,” said Burroughs. “This stolen car epidemic has gotten so far out of hand that something needs to be done about it and these people are all here for that cause. Every single one of them.”

The community has reached out and shown their support, in the best way they know he and Tammy loved - through cars.

“Tammy was learning to become a car enthusiast, I have a truck myself that we took out and drove a lot that we did a lot of car shows with and she started falling in love with the people and the cars,” added Burroughs.

But, Burroughs says it's the people and relationships who hooked Tammy to cars, and he can't thank them enough.

“These people are beyond family, everybody is beyond family to me,” he said. “The support I've been getting is absolutely amazing.”

He knows she's enjoying the ride from up above, with a grin.

“She's just smiling. She's with me right now I can feel it,” said Burroughs. “She's looking at all of my friends here and she's just saying thank you. I know Tammy, she would want these people to be here for me, to take care of me, she was always worried about me. She's smiling down because everyone is here, it's for her, but they're helping me also.”

Burroughs says he and a team have been working with police and officials to figure out a way to combat the stolen car crimes. He says no one should ever receive the news he had to.