Cat nearly freezes to death, survives

KALISPELL, Mt. (NBC) - Extreme cold weather is not only dangerous to humans, but also to animals. One Montana family found that out the hard way.

A family in Kalispell, Montana found their cat, Fluffy, frozen outside last week. They took Fluffy to their animal hospital, unresponsive and encased in almost three inches of packed snow.

Luckily, Fluffy survived after veterinarians at the clinic raised her body temperature using warm water, blow dryers, towels, and intravenous fluids. "Cats are survivors," says Veterinarian Dr. Jevon Clark, "And I have learned a long time ago to never give up on animals. They are pretty amazing survivors, especially cats that are crabby, they have a tendency to want to live." It took seven hours, but eventually, doctors were able to bring Fluffy's body temperature back to normal.