Check fire alarms when preparing to spring forward

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Tonight we spring forward, so it's a perfect time to remind everyone to check those smoke alarms while they're changing their clocks. Davenport Fire brings us tips for tonight’s time change.

“We've had a rash of fires in the Quad Cities, and we want to remind everybody when they're changing their clocks it's the perfect opportunity to check your smoke alarms,” said Davenport Fire Lieutenant, Zack Solis. “Make sure they're working. If you don't have working smoke alarms contact your local fire department and we'll be able to help you out.”

Lt. Zack Solis stopped by crime stoppers to remind everyone about the importance of checking smoke alarms this weekend, saying while the ladders are out changing clocks - use that time to check those alarms.

“Ten years is the magic amount of time for that so after that the technology has been utilized, it's not working just when it goes off or when I'm cooking food,” said Lt. Solis. “It's constantly looking for products of combustion, so after ten years you want to replace those.”

Saying just having an alarm isn't going to save you, firemen can only help if they've been notified - keep up on your alarms and check them regularly.

“We do a see an increase of fires during the winter months, it has to do with home heating but the number one cause for fires is home cooking,” he added. “Last month we had 4 fires in 2 days, 2 of those fires were due to unattended cooking. It's something you just have to take care of and pay attention to when you're cooking, make sure those smoke alarms are in place to notify you. Our response is only as good as a notification.”

The amount of fires as of late is just a reminder how important something that seems so small is, but that's why first responders repeat it so often.