Man in custody in case of possible serial killer in Detroit

DETROIT, MI (CNN/NBC) - UPDATE 6/7:9:16 p.m. (CNN) A man is now in custody in the case of a possible serial killer in Detroit.

On Friday, police took 34-year-old DeAngelo Kenneth Martin into custody as a person of interest. According to investigators, he is a homeless man known to spend time on the east side of the city. That's where they say a potential serial killer is targeting sex workers.

Detectives say they want to discuss three murder cases in particular with Martin.

Police believe the earliest murder took place in March. The body of another woman was then discovered in May. The third victim was found dead inside of a vacant house Wednesday.

ORIGINAL (NBC): The search is on in Detroit for a potential serial killer and more female victims.

Detroit police say a serial killer may be targeting sex workers on the city's east side.

So far, three women have been killed.

Police say all three homicides took place in abandoned homes and their bodies were found in various stages of decomposition.

Investigators are concerned there may be more victims out there so the city announced that 40 officers, starting Friday, will search every vacant home on the east side over the next two to three weeks.

"One of the things that's troubling is it has been days and in one case weeks before the bodies were discovered," Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said. S"o that raises the possibility that there could be another vacant house on the East side that may have a victim. We have no reason to believe that, but we need to check it out. ... Starting at 11 O'clock today, 40 neighborhood police officers are going to be deployed in teams of two across the East side. They are going into every open and abandoned house on the East side over the next two to three weeks and going to make certain we do not have any more victims."

"Our investigators have been working these cases vigorously," Detroit Police Chief James Craig said. "And so by getting that information out we predicted and knew we were going to start getting calls and we think we're going to continue to get that. We're not going to let up. And we're committed, and we're going to find this violent predatory criminal. ... When you talk about sex workers, one of the challenges, when you talk about our case here, abandoned homes. I say this not in disrespect, but we know many times sex workers are invisible in our community in some instances. Families have not seen these individuals for months, for weeks, so they're not likely to report folks missing, which offers yet another challenge for us."

The police chief says they're considering using cadaver dogs in their searches.

Once the vacant homes have been cleared the mayor says the homes will be boarded up.