City of Muscatine to vote in mayoral race

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MUSCATINE, Iowa (KWQC) – This Tuesday, Muscatine voters will choose if they want a new mayor.

Current mayor, Dianna Broderson is running for her second term. Her first consisted of several battles with city council which lead to her being stripped of mayoral duties, and then voted out. A judge reinstated her in October, after months of lengthy legal proceedings.

She faces Charles Harper. A local businesses owner who says he can better communicate with members of the city council.

“Having been in business for 50 years I have to be there because I get along with people,” Harper said when asked why he decided to run for the position.

Harper says he already has a good relationship with council members, four of whom are not up for reelection.

“I don't have any problem communicating with any of the city council now, and with being a candidate for mayor, I talked to numerous ones and we get along fine,” Harper said. “I have no difference of opinion with them.”

In fact, Harper says he plans to take more of a back seat if elected.

“Mayor, the way we have it here now, we have a city manager and a council and so the mayor is more of the ambassador for the town, “he said. “So I’m not planning on running the town, but I hope to be a representative of the town.”

Broderson sees her role as mayor differently.

“The people still need someone to help them lift their voice, they still need someone to be able to advocate for them, and help them work their agenda, fight for transparency, fight to strengthen families, and for the things that they want,” she said when asked why she’s running again.

The mayor says she has no problem working with city council members.

“I have always been willing to work with the council and have put myself out there,” Broderson said. “It has been their choice not to work with me. I think if I am reelected, that will be the people saying this is what we want, we want you to work with our mayor and I certainly hope that our council will listen to them.”

If re-elected she says her focus will be on families and the economy.

“I’d also like to do things more strategically with our TIF dollars to make sure we are making good economic choices that help benefit families in our community,” the mayor said.

The election takes place on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Also on the ballot will be candidates for 2nd Ward, 4th Ward and Alderman at Large.