Clinton High School addresses "bed bug" concerns after unknown bug discovered in classroom

Published: Jan. 15, 2019 at 5:51 PM CST
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The Clinton Community School District has brought in a pest control agency to inspect a classroom after the discovery of an unknown bug.

In a message to parents High School Principal, JR Kuch, the two bugs were found inside the same classroom. One of the bugs was discovered Monday and another on Tuesday. The notice to parents did not say what kind of bug was discovered, but did address concerns it may be bed bugs.

“It has not been determined that it is a bed bug,” the principal wrote in a letter to parents. “Some students have felt the need to get checked out in our nurse's office. Those checked have not been found to have any signs of bed bugs, which would be itchy red spots or welting. Other students have also been checked and we have not seen anything that is consistent with a bed bug bite.”

The district said the bug found on Monday was exterminated and a pest control agency inspected the classroom in question Tuesday after a second bug was discovered.

Principal Kuch said more information will be provided, depending on what the pest control agency finds.