Clinton Strong for Eric Hosette and Adam Cain

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Clinton, IA (KWQC) - As the sun sets in Clinton, the city turns red. Red light-bulbs are a show of support here. One that is synonymous with Clinton Strong.
Batallion Chief Joel Atkinson says the support is overwhelming. "It's appreciated and you know I think it helps us get through it," he told KWQC.
Fire Chief Mike Brown agrees. "They're coming in here just to hug people, just to drop off food or flowers or money. they care, they really about these two guys and the rest of us," he added. The Chief says some retired firefighters have shown up at the station asking how they can help.
Firefighters describe the bond between them as something indescribable. And they say the closest word to what it's like to become a firefighter is "family."
"Eric was a jokester, and Eric took jokes very well, and you know without getting in trouble," says Atkinson.
"Eric was a great guy and energetic and his work ethic was he would read fire books, and just gaining knowledge all the time and he challenged me all the time as a battalion chief...and he's a brother. "
Darrin Farrell has known Adam Cain since they were five years old. He says Adam is the type of friend you can go to about anything. That you can talk to Adam about anything, good or bad.
"Adam comes into work and makes you laugh right off the bat, and if you don't come in with a good attitude he'll change it right away," says Farrell.
Adam grew up with a father who was a first responder. One that both he and Darrin look up to.
"Adam when he turned 16, he joined the junior firefighter league and he turned 16 six months before I did so every time he got to go a call I had to watch them as they left until I turned 16."
Darrin and Adam have gone on road trips together, seen Kenny Chesney live and have a lifetime of memories shared. A lifetime of memories they hope to build upon as everyone prays for his safe return back to the station.
The Clinton Fire Station says the best way to show support is to either donate to either of the funds set up at Clinton National Bank or to donate blood in honor of the firefighters.