Clinton community marches for safer gun laws

CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) -- Hundreds marched for school safety in the March for Our Lives at the Riverview Bandshell Sunday afternoon in Clinton. Organizers say around 300 people attended the march.

They marched their way through the streets of Clinton. As their voices echoed through the streets so did their message to end gun violence in schools.

“We are not trying to ban guns, we just want safer gun laws and I think that's not hard to understand,” said Camryn Kelteer.

Safer gun laws that they say they will not be quiet about until their voices are heard.

“If you see something wrong make a statement for it. Stand up for what you believe in because no one else is going to. If you’re not going to take the first step,” said Ashlyn Shores.

Supporters young and old promised to continue marching and pushing for change.

“It’s all about our children and their protection and we as adults should be taking the lead,” said Shirley Darsidan.

“I have a responsibility I feel to do something and coming here is something I can do to help support this problem,” said Thomas Streveler.

A problem that they will now march for especially for the ones that can't anymore. So that one day going to class and not being afraid can be a reality again.

“We come to school to have an education and we shouldn't have to have that question in our mind if our life is going to be taken or not,” said Awanna Reckman.

Organizers say the conversation does not stop here. Their next step is to continue these discussions in schools and in the community. Several state legislators were also in attendance to answer questions regarding gun safety legislation