Clinton man captures eight crashes on security video

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CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) - A Clinton, Iowa man captured eight accidents on his home security cameras Monday morning.

"I was out here still working and a guy came around the corner not 15 minutes later in a Dodge Charger like it was Cordova," Ryan Peska said.

It happened on North Bluff Boulevard in Clinton. Ryan Peska was working on his truck when his street became the scene of multiple accidents.

"I noticed the first crash happened...but before they could get going again, another wreck happened and immediately they got hit," he said.

The video shows Peska standing up to make sure everyone was okay.

"Before they could pull up here, another wreck happened here and he spun sideways. And as soon as he spun sideways, another car around the corner swerved to miss him but fishtailed and ended up clipping his car," Peska said.

That wasn't the end. His security video shows crash after crash. Including one where a car hits the snow bank and is then hit from behind by another car.

"There was probably one, two, three more just single cars in the snow bank. But there was definitely four cars that made contact," he said.

in the span of ten minutes, Peska says he witnessed eight accidents.

"I couldn't believe how quick it happened. Like it was just one after another," he said.

In the four years he's lived at Sixth and North Bluff, Peska says he has never seen anything like it.

"I've had days where I couldn't pull into my driveway, but not sheer ice," he said.

As the snow continues to fall, this video serves as a good reminder to be vigilant when driving in the winter.

"It could go clear one night to black ice the next morning."

No one was injured in the accidents.