Clinton shines red in support of fire department

CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) -- With every passing hour comes a new show of support for the family of fallen lieutenant Eric Hosette. The Clinton firefighter made the ultimate sacrifice while battling a fire at the ADM plant over the weekend.

Hosette was 33-years-old, he leaves behind a wife and young daughter. A second fire fighter - Adam Cain, is at University of Iowa hospitals, seriously injured from the fire and explosion.

“It really shows that as a town we care, as a town we will come together, and as a town we support, said Emily Dodd, Zion Lutheran Church member.

A town shining red as Clinton community members pay their respects to fallen firefighter Lt. Eric Hosette and injured fireman Adam Cain.

“It's not just a single fire house or a single person,” said Dodd. “It really is everyone understands that bond,”

A bond that the community is hoping to strengthen. The color red has become a movement in the town. Even when stores ran out of red light bulbs, community members like Emily Dodd drove miles to get some more. Dodd says she bought some light bulbs and Lowe’s and Wal-Mart in Coralville, donated a little over 30 more bulbs to the cause.

“Had tears in my eyes because of this other town's generosity, care, love, and support of first responders,” said Dodd.

Today at Zion Lutheran Church, she turned community interest in the bulbs as a fundraiser.

“My brother, he is a police officer and if something were to ever happen to a police officer. I’d want the whole town to go blue for policeman. So this is the least, I can do,” said Dodd.

Over at Clinton Floral, the owner and her employees have also been busy making red ribbons.

“I’ve probably made 400 or 500 already today and we are still making them and making them,” said Jane Deters, Owner of Clinton Floral.

All the ribbons are free for anyone to have.

“Us at Clinton Floral; we are a family and if something happened to one of us. I would hope there would be people around us to help take care of us,” said Deters. This is why we are doing it for the family,”

A gesture that the community hopes the families know they are not alone.

“There's plenty of people here in Clinton, that really do care and we are supporting them,” said Kayla Mundhank, community member.

“I know what it's like to have them go to work and not know if they are going to come home,” said Elaina Bell-Garrison. “It’s a horrible feeling, so for this to happen to those families, it's very sad and very tragic and I am very sorry for them,”

As it rained, the memorial by the fire station looked a little brighter and the flag waved high.

Zion Lutheran Church plans to keep selling bulbs and collecting donations for the entire week. Proceeds from the sales will benefit both families affected. Customers can also pick up free ribbons at Clinton Floral and a make a free will donation.