Closure sought for Trudy Appleby on National Missing Children Day

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MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) — May 25, 2017 is National Missing Children Day and the Moline Police Department is using the day to once again put a spotlight on the Trudy Appleby missing person case.

Trudy was last seen on August 21, 1996 in the front passenger seat of a gray car in front of her home in Moline, Ill. Despite efforts to locate her locally and nationally, she has not been found.

Police made the plea on their Facebook page, asking those with knowledge of what happened to Trudy Appleby to come forward.

"It's time to tell the truth and end this nightmare for her family. Choosing to continue harboring secrets and protecting the deceased suspect is a level of evil we will never understand. If you wish to bring this tragedy to a close, please contact Detective Michael Griffin at 309-524-2140 or if you have information and wish to remain anonymous contact Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities at 309-762-9500."

Police release new information about Trudy Appleby case

By Gabriella Rusk

MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - Twenty years after the abduction of Trudy Appleby, Moline Police say they believe they know who the suspect is and that the suspect may be dead.

At a vigil last night, Detective Michael Griffin says members of the suspect's family are still here within the Quad Cities.

"They're withholding secrets," he says. "They know what happened that day, they have the keys, the information to give the family closure."

Dennis Appleby, Trudy's father, says after all this time, he's tired of the emotional roller coaster.

"I just want this thing done," Appleby adds.

According to Moline Police, who monitor the social media accounts of the suspect's family, many of the posts emphasis family bonds.

"I find it ironic," he says. "They have a family hobby, a family get together and they mostly post about their family bonds all the time on Facebook and other social media platforms."

He says it's hard for him to understand how family could mean so much to them but yet they hold secrets that could relieve a lot of nightmares for the Appleby family.

"That apparently doesn't matter to them," continues Griffin.

Moline Police issued a statement on Facebook today asking for those with information to come forward. In fact, Griffin adds, they can do so anonymously and could be granted immunity by the state attorney's office.

Detective Griffin told KWQC this release of information was mostly prompted by the 20th anniversary.

"It's time to end this," Griffin says.

Police say as each year passes, the hope that they are able to find Trudy alive and bring her back to her family diminishes, but there is that hope.

While Appleby struggles with the question of hope, he does hope one day to find out exactly what happens.

"I hope we find out exactly what happened, I hope we get the people that are responsible.

If you or anyone you know has information, Moline Police urge you to call their tip line at 309-797-0407.