Cold spring weather slows down local florist business

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) -- By this time of year, people are usually out in their yards, but this is looking like a colder April spring season in the Quad Cities. Green Thumbers says it has had to move some plants, trees, and shrubs indoors to protect them from the cold temperatures.

"Well, this has certainly been the coldest spring on record as far as I've been here for over 30 years and I don't ever remember having to deal with putting plant materials, trees, and shrubs inside buildings just because of the record cold we've had," said Andy Kay.

The unusually cold temperatures means less people are buying plants.

'Well, yeah traffic count is down dramatically because you can't do anything outside... It feels like it's February," said Kay.

It's important for people to protect their plants. Kay says bulbs that were planted from last fall will be up and growing and will fine outside.

'What you do have to worry about is if you did go out and plant some flowers in pots, some people may have even taken some tropical plants and put them outside already, those you've got to bring back inside," he said.

Kay says if you have some annual plants in pots, it is best to cover them up.

The chilly April weather is also affecting coffee business. Aroma Coffee says business was going well when the weather was nice, but it has seen slower traffic with colder temperatures.

"Especially being connected to the garden center, people are shopping for their plants, they want to get coffee, and we're not having any of that trickle effect because people aren't ready to plant yet," said Athena Simpson, store manager at Aroma Coffee.

Simpson says this time last year, people were enjoying the patio outside.

"In fact, one of my customers today said well it looks like we don't get to sit outside today and that's one of the best parts about coming here," she said.

Green Thumbers says it will keep some of its plants indoors until it warms up and hopes once temperatures reach the 40's, people will also feel comfortable planting again.