Colona man reunited with his birth father after 58 years

Published: Apr. 7, 2017 at 8:54 PM CDT
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A local man found his father 58 years after being adopted.

58-year-old William Taylor of Colona met his father last week in Florida after being adopted at birth.

He says that it all started with him receiving his actual birth certificate that had a different last name on it.

Taylor said when he got the news he was adopted, it was overwhelming.

"The number on the computer--his number--I called him before the dementia started and he said 'I knew the day was coming,' and it just blew my cookies.

"I think everyone needs to close the door. It's not only me; it's bigger than me. It's all the people still looking for their family too. You need to know your own bloodline, you need to know where you came from, or your genetic make-up. Since I survived 3 brain aneurysms and mini strokes, I needed to know."

He said his dad told him it's about time that he got to meet him. He also gained new siblings.