Colorful fall leaves: Slippery when wet!!!

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Quad Cities (KWQC) - 'Tis the season - for wind: which pulls leaves from the trees; for rain; which makes those leaves wet; and for danger on the roads due to those wet leaves! When driving in the fall yet another thing to be paying attention to while driving is not only the road, but what's on it! If the road you're travelling on is covered with fallen leaves, and it's raining or has recently rained then BEWARE! Wet leaves between your tires and the road surface can spell trouble. Your tires, if they lock or slow quickly, will ride those leaves like a speed skater on fresh ice! Wet leaves can act like an oil slick and dramatically reduce your braking effectiveness and steering control. Slow down when approaching intersections where you expect to have to slow down or stop, and slow down on curves where a bed of leaves on the road can cause your car to slide right of the road. Let the leaves be a treat, this fall, and not a call to your insurance agent!