After another work zone fatality, construction zone safety remains a growing concern

Published: Apr. 4, 2017 at 6:26 PM CDT
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Davenport, IA (KWQC) – After an accident on I-80 that left one maintenance worker dead, Iowa and Illinois DOT offices are growing concerned with the amount of crashes in work-zones.

The accident happened on I-80 Eastbound, and according to davenport police a worker operating a pickup truck backed into the interstate and was hit by a semi-truck. But the concern isn’t just among transportation officials. Road workers are expressing themselves as well.

For 10 years, Dayton Handle, has worked on hundreds of roads, bridges, and sidewalks. After another fatal accident on i-80 - handle says he's worried about his safety on those same roads he's worked on for years.

“You worry about yourself and the people you work with every day you know,” Handle said.

He says drivers show a lack of concern about construction workers.

“It would just be nice if everyone would just slow down and take consideration of others you know us out here trying to make a living working,” he said.

I-DOT officials say work zone crashes are getting out of hand, Illinois seeing a majority of those crashes.

According to I-DOT, Illinois experiences more than 4,800 work zone crashes every year.

I-DOT officials from both sides of the river held a workshop today to discuss ways to decrease the amount of work zone accidents, by added speed camera’s and stationed vans to monitor motorists.

Iowa State trooper, Lt. Brian Votroubek, says drivers need to be more aware of their surroundings, especially during warmer seasons when everyone's in a hurry

“Reduce your speed make sure you don't follow too close, don't pass on the shoulder sometimes we'll get in a hurry and want to pass on a shoulder or median, you never know where a worker might be,” Votroubek said.

Construction workers like, Dayton Handle say it's an added stress he wishes didn't have to worry about.

“You know we got families we got kids too, we want to make it home it's everybody's job to be safe out here, whether you're driving by or you're working here, it's important,” Handle added.