Concerns voiced at school board meeting after two students hit in Rock Island crosswalk

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Rock Island, Ill. (KWQC) - Two students who have been hit by drivers in crosswalks at Rock Island High School took their concerns to the school’s board meeting on Tuesday.


Maddison Greenwood, a freshman at the school, was hit by a driver near 17th St. and 25th Ave. on Monday.

Selena Duarte was also hit by a driver in a separate crosswalk at the school during her senior year in 2017.

Duarte and Maddison’s mother, Melissa Greenwood, expressed their concerns about the safety of the school’s crosswalks at the meeting.

Melissa said she lives right next to the school. She said she has been watching the traffic for two years --- concerned about it --- but not realizing her daughter would eventually get hit.

"Is it going to take someone getting killed before we do something about this? We've got to slow those cars down,” said Melissa. “We've got to come up with a solution because somebody is going to get killed if we don't do something. And I don't want that to be one of our students or our children.”

After Melissa spoke, Duarte took to the stand.

She said her injuries were so severe that she could’ve almost died.

Duarte also said the incident not only left her in debt, and with an injured foot, but said she also suffers from anxiety over the situation.

"It hurts a lot to know that this happened to another student. I'm very concerned for the rest of the students,” Duarte said.

“I get scared everyday driving by this school. I double-triple check when I drive anywhere near the school. It's petrifying to know that people speed, they're on their phones even with the new laws. They don't care. It's reckless. It's a high school. We know how to cross the street and look both ways but some people aren't paying attention."

Both Duarte and Melissa shared possible solutions to the board members.

Some of the solutions they expressed include: repainting the crosswalks to be more visible, installing flashing lights, hiring a crossguard, or moving the drop off location to another side of the school.

Officials at the school board meeting said they will talk about Duarte and Melissa’s crosswalk safety concern and address it at a future meeting.