Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities launches new app

Published: Oct. 24, 2017 at 9:43 PM CDT
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Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities launched a new mobile app, allowing people to quickly submit crime tips to law enforcement.

The free app, called P3 Tips, allows you to select a location and choose from a list of several possible crimes. You can then provide information about an incident and include photos, videos, and other documents.

"We hope that by getting easier, more user friendly apps for crime stopper tips, that hopefully we can get more proactivity from the public and hopefully solve some more crimes," said Detective Jon Leach.

Detective Leach hopes it will increase the number of solid tips law enforcement receives.

"It's so easy to use and anywhere you happen to be, you happen to see something that you think is wrong that maybe you need to stand up and do something about it, you pop on the app and you can just put in the information immediately and it goes straight to law enforcement and we can follow up pretty quickly," said Detective Leach.

People can also submit tips on wanted suspects by finding the person's photo and filling out a tip form.

"Crime Stoppers is also looking to get information on shootings, burgalaries, robberies, and other crimes that greatly affect the community," said Detective Leach.

Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities encourages the community to work together with law enforcement.

"Everyone you know is going to feel the impact of crime in their area, so it's important that they get involved and do something about it and take back the Quad Cities. It's a great place to live and local law enforcement also believe that and we want to team with the community," said Detective Leach.

Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities says people will soon no longer be able to use the SMS texting system.

People can still submit tips to or call their hotline at (309)-762-9500.