Customized tricycles provide children with disabilities new mobility

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Cheers filled the halls of the Handicap Development Center in Davenport on Saturday as 19 children received customized adapted tricycles from Mississippi Bend Trykes.

The tricycles were purchased with a $20,000 donation from the North Scott Rotary. They are designed to fit the individual needs of each child and are able to adapt as they get older.

"They can be adjusted as the child grows, so as they get a little bigger or their disabilities change or inhibit them, or they're able to manage their disability better, the trike can morph along with the child to a certain degree," Jeff Ashcraft, President of North Scott Rotary said.

75 volunteers from around the Quad Cities assembled the tricycles before the children arrived.

Mississippi Bend Trykes is the local chapter of the non-profit "AMBUCS." It provides specialized bikes to families at no cost.

"We gave our first tricycle away in may of 2016. So, almost three years, and we're over 100 tricycles," Katie Powers, Vice President of Mississippi Bend Trykes said.

To purchase a customized adapted tricycle would normally cost a family thousands of dollars.

"Our organization is able to get them through AMBUCS, the national organization, and we spend anywhere between $500 and $1,200 per tricycle...depending on the size and the adaptations it needs," Powers said.

Parents say seeing their child get a little bit of freedom and mobility is something special.

Autumn Dunn's three-year-old daughter was one of the children who received a tricycle.

"We were told she would never walk or crawl or anything, so this is a step in the right direction," Dunn said.

Because of the donation from North Scott Rotary, Mississippi Bend Trykes waiting list was completely wiped out. Normally a family would wait a couple months to a year before receiving a tricycle.

"Riding bikes in the neighborhood with other kids or riding bikes with the family is something that wasn't an option for them before. So to be able to provide that to the families is really an awesome experience," Powers said.

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