Davenport Central High alumni want to erase district's school lunch debt

School lunch / (Source: Photo: Des Moines Public Schools / MGN)
School lunch / (Source: Photo: Des Moines Public Schools / MGN)
Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 10:35 PM CST
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Alumni of the Davenport Community School District want to make sure all students are able to eat lunch at school.

Total student lunch debt in the school district is $8,800 and graduates of Davenport Central High School's class of 1991 want to make that number zero, so they have


"I'm a product of the Davenport School system. It has served me very well. And I'm interested in keeping that system healthy," Kevin Carlson, President of the Davenport Central High School class of 1991, said.

The class of '91 can't do this alone and their asking for other graduates of the district to help out.

"There's so many more graduates of the Davenport school system. Why don't we try to band everyone together and do another fundraiser and really raise some money," Carlson said, "There's no kid that deserves to be at school hungry. And I think a lot of people share that sentiment."

75 percent of school districts around the nation deal with student lunch debt. Many schools, like the Davenport Community School District have 'anti-shaming' protocols which allow a student to still receive some food regardless of their family's school lunch account balance.

Once the current debt is paid off, the class of '91 has a goal of creating a new fund to help other Davenport families in the future.

"I'd like to blow past ten thousand dollars and be able to invest some extra money and be able to donate year over year and help the school manage that debt," Carlson said, "it's to make those kids have a better day at school and to not suffer under any pressures of debt that their family is experiencing."

To donate to the fundraiser,

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