Davenport Police release educational video to fight vehicle thefts

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Juvenile car thieves have been stealing vehicles across the QCA. On April 7, QC metro law enforcement agencies warned the community to be vigilant, but Davenport Police say they have not seen much change.

“We haven't seen a drop in the numbers yet,” said Chief Paul Sikorski.

DPD has taken 206 stolen vehicle reports since the first of the year. They say 54 of those came after the 'Lock it Up Initiative' began.

“We’re engaged in a lot of other enforcement efforts in conjunction with that both with undercover officers and uniformed as well, but the community can help too,” Sikorski said. “The vast majority of these vehicle thefts are preventable.

On Wednesday May 3, DPD released an educational video describing the crimes being committed, and how people can protect themselves. The video is intended to be shared across social media.

Chief Sikorski hopes it encourages more people to take the ‘Lock it Up Initiative’ seriously.

“Many times these vehicle thefts are happening on lots of convenience stores and at gas stations when people just leave their cars just for a few seconds or a couple minutes, so I would ask especially when people are going to those quick in-and-out places, don't take the chance, take their keys with them, lock the doors.”