Davenport School Board approves motion for Brady Street Stadium Project

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - After a five to two vote tonight, the Davenport School Board has voted to approve the Brady Street Stadium Turf Replacement and Renovation Project.

The almost 2.5 million dollar project would include adding an additional two lanes to the six-lane track as well as renovating the turf.

The motion had been tabled a few weeks ago after concerns were raised regarding the budget. Ralph Johanson, the President of the Davenport School Board, has previously raised concerns about the budget since the district has already been dealing with budget cuts.

"And I think that we have to be really careful if we just say yes to this, yes to this. What projects are high priority? What are lower priority?" said Johanson.

Linda Hayes also mentioned concerns with the budget.

Allison Beck was in favor of the project, but said she would prefer to not add the additional two lanes. She ultimately voted for the motion.

"I am all for redoing everything. I would prefer not to add the two lanes but if the project is going to fail because we can't agree on how many lanes there are, I don't think that's in the best interest of our students either," said Beck.

Clyde Mayfield favored the expansion and said his main concern was the safety of students. He also added the possibility of it attracting more people and opportunities to the area.

"And its used by so many in the community, so whatever we spend on that, it's definitely worth it for the safety of our students," said Mayfield.

The Board will now need to approve a design plan on the December 11th school board meeting since the design plan was not on tonight's agenda.