Davenport School District set to increase school safety

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Davenport (KWQC) - The Davenport School Board is talking more Monday night about much-needed security upgrades at their committee of the whole meeting. We've had a few scares in our area over the past few months, making this a top priority. Back in November, a gun was found in a student’s locker. One month later, a 17-year-old who shot someone at Dollar General earlier that day, ended up on school grounds.

A few items on the agenda include...
• Burglar Alarms
• Primary public entrances
• Security cameras
• The use of ballistic materials
• Automated access controls
• Exterior security lighting

Davenport schools will also be implementing the Raptor system to run background checks on every visitor. This is a move that is gaining popularity across the country but there is much more that can be still done and they will be discussing that at Monday’s meeting.

The Davenport School District also used more than $1 million in reserve funding in July to hire more security personnel for the current school year. They brought on a district security specialist, two additional school resource officers, and 18 additional campus security supervisor. The funds were only good for one year and it was unclear how they were going to continue funding those positions in the future.

We will be following up on the outcome of the meeting.