Davenport World War II Navy veteran shovels and mows neighbors lawn

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) -- Imagine waking up and finding your sidewalk already shoveled or your lawn already mowed in the summer. That’s what a Davenport World War II Navy veteran does for his neighbors at 92 years old.

At the age of 16 years old, Henry "Mickey" Miller has seen a lot more than an average 16-year-old.

“I sure seen a lot of bodies in the water,” said Mickey Miller, World War II veteran.

He freely signed up to go to the navy at a time when others were not certain if they wanted to go to war.

“I wanted to go, get out of town,” said Miller.

It's on this ship that he met many of his friends and got the nickname "Mickey".

“They use to say I look like Mickey Rooney, so that's what I ended up as,” said Miller.

After coming back from World War II, he met his wife and the rest was history.

“Yeah, she was the boss,” said Miller.

“For him to this day to be up taking care of other people at his age is just amazing,” said Angela Dejesus, Mickey’s neighbor.

That’s Mickey, shoveling his neighbor’s sidewalk. Oh, did I mention he's 92?

“If you don't keep going you're going to die,” said Miller.

Even at his age “Mickey” still has a witty sense of humor and a big heart to help others.

“Mowed about every yard around here used to do all the snow removal myself,” said Miller.

His neighbors were shocked to see him out and so they started taking pictures.

“You see him out here, he's always working, I don't ever see Mickey not working,” said Dejesus.

His daughter Cheryl says she wasn't surprised.

“That's Dad exactly and we offered to help and he doesn't want any help,” said Cheryl Miller-Puls, Mickey’s daughter.

Although to Mickey doing what he's doing seems like the right thing to do. His neighbors say he's inspired others more than he knows.

“I wish people my age have what Mickey has inside of him,” said Dejesus. “And had the want to do such nice things for people just because they want to not because they have to,”

“Just tickles me to death that people are acknowledging him,” Miller-Puls.

Mickey says since it's not time to mow the lawn, he'll take a break for now.

“Stay away from the doctors, drink a couple beers, every day and you'll live a long life,” said Miller.

Nothing seems to keep this man down. He was recently diagnosed with cancer but was able to beat it.