Davenport city officials say flood is costing city over $1 million

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - It's been three weeks since the barrier breach in downtown Davenport and now city officials are giving the community a rough estimate of how much it's costing the city.

City of Davenport's Public Works Director, Nicole Gleason, tells TV6 this total does not include any losses related to flooding (vehicles, property damage, etc.,) or revenue loss from closed facilities such as River's Edge, Compost or Credit Island.

Flood Cost Break Down - operational costs:
• Facility related flood cost - Modern Woodman Park, Union Station, etc. - $65,000
• Signage related costs (barricade labor, sign rental) - $12,000
• Streets/Sewers Labor (watching pumps, sandbagging, post-flood clean-up etc.) - $450,000
• Material Cost (sand/sandbags) - $83,000
• Equipment depreciation / use per FEMA rate guidelines - approximately $400,000 (pumps, trucks, cleaning, etc.)

Those estimates above total in at $1,010,000.

Gleason tells TV6 that all wall barriers that are owned by the city of Davenport are currently down and that Modern Woodmen Park walls are still up as they're quired at 16'. She says there may be some privately owned barriers that are still up.

"Our plan to re-install flood barriers will be dependent upon the timing and amount of rain that falls north of us over the next 24 hours," Gleason tells TV6. "NWS indicated that the active weather pattern we are in, could result in a re-rise as early as next week or as late as the first week of June. We do have all preparations made to re-install the flood wall in preparation for 18’ if the rain does come to fruition. This installation takes around 12 hours with a crew of up to 50 employees."

You can find the latest river levels on Saw it on 6. You can find that link here.