Davenport family captures home burglary suspect on surveillance video, police investigating

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 5:33 PM CST
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A Davenport family is living in fear after a home burglary, which was caught on camera.

“I feel very vulnerable,” homeowner Nick Fletcher said.

Fletcher said the break-in occurred around 9:30 Monday morning at his home east of Brady Street. The thief struck just 16 days before Christmas.

"It definitely puts a damper on Christmas,” Fletcher said.

In security video of the incident provided to TV6, the suspect can be seen kicking the back door of the home three times and then going inside. Minutes before the crime, the suspect, who has not been identified, can be seen walking up the driveway.

"It was hard to sleep last night. You hear every sound and you wonder what was that sound,” the father of two said.

Fletcher said the suspect was not in the home very long, but he got away with several hundred dollars, medications, power tools and Christmas gift cards.

"Any presents can be replaced and the important thing is family and I think we are going to focus on family,” he said.

The focus for Fletcher is specifically on the family’s ten-year-old daughter with autism. Some of her medication was stolen and she is so scared, she can’t sleep in the home anymore.

"The issue now is my children and how they are going to sleep in this house again,” Fletcher said.

The father installed the elaborate security system that captured the home burglary on camera after a previous car break-in. Fletcher hoped the cameras would reassure his daughter the home was safe.

"I have always explained to my kids that we have a very secure house, not anything you have to worry about and what I said they don't have to worry about is exactly what happened,” he said.

As the family works to regain their sense of security, they’re hoping someone recognizes the man so he can be caught and change his ways.

"I wish you would find another way to occupy your time,” he said.

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