Davenport group holds peaceful protest to raise awareness about puppy mills

Published: Jul. 13, 2019 at 4:55 PM CDT
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Raising awareness about puppy mills. A Quad Cities group is doing just that in hopes to bring light to the issue of puppy mills. Currently, Iowa is ranked the second-worst state when it comes to puppy mills. The state also has 15 of the worst puppy mills in the country on the Horrible 100 list.

Saturday morning, a group of six individuals with "Bailing Out Benji" lined up near the corner of Brady Street and Veterans Memorial in Davenport.

“We need a lot of work that's why we are out here,” said Marsha LaRue, member of non-profit Bailing Out Benji.

They held signs that read, “Honk if your pet is adopted”, “Say no to puppy mills”.

“The more people we get relating to us. The more we can get help in getting the laws changed,” said LaRue.

Every Saturday, for a year now, they have stood on the same corner educating the Quad Cities about the issues of puppy mills. According to the USDA, Illinois has 100 puppy mills and Iowa currently has more than 290.

“We just need better laws in Iowa,” said LaRue.

The members of the group come from all across the area. All with the same goal to end puppy mills.

“These animals that come into our homes and give us unconditional love to be raised in the conditions that they are quite often. It’s terrible,” said Thomas McBride, member of non-profit Bailing Out Benji.

Since change doesn't happen overnight. They plan to continue coming out every weekend.

“It gives you a sense of accomplishment that hopefully, we are doing some good,” said McBride.

The animal rights advocates say they are working to get stronger laws against puppy mills.