Davenport man catches monster 65-pound catfish

(courtesy Samuel Brown)
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – It took Samuel Brown of Davenport nearly half an hour to haul in a beast of a flathead catfish last Friday.

“My first thought when it started taking line was, ‘Man this is a big one and I better land it!’” Brown said.

After a 25-minute fight, a friend tried unsuccessfully to help haul the fish in with a net.

When that failed, Brown used a gaff hook to drag it over the wall.

“I work out a lot in the gym, so I knew it weighed at least 60 pounds,” Brown said.

Turns out his mammoth catch, which he nicknamed “Hulk,” was 65 pounds and measured 44 inches long.

Brown is a seasoned angler who in May of last year caught another flathead catfish weighing 45 pounds at the same location as last Friday.

According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the all-time record for a flathead catfish caught in Iowa is 81 pounds.

Brown says his dream had always been to catch a 50-pounder, which he easily achieved.

In case you are wondering, Brown did not throw Hulk back.

“I skinned, filleted, packaged, and delivered all that fish meat to some happy folks,” Brown said.

“I fed 6 families and counting.”