Marching bands pulled from Festival of Trees Parade-UPDATED

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Update: Festival officials say all school marching bands from this year's Festival of Trees Parade have been canceled.

ORIGINAL: Davenport School officials have removed marching bands from this year's Festival of Trees Parade. In the following statement, officials say the weather forecast is the reason:

We've had to make a tough decision regarding the participation of our high school marching bands in the 2017 Festival of Trees Parade tomorrow. We have decided to cancel Saturday's performance of the DCSD high school marching bands in the best interest of our students' health & well-being, as well as the high potential for damage to student and district-owned equipment and uniforms. The National Weather Service at Mt. Joy just informed us that the forecast for the 9:00 a.m. staging time is 39 degrees, with sustained winds out of the North-North West at 17 mph and gusting up to 30 mph. The 39 degree temperature along with the sustained winds of 17 mph results in a wind chill of 30 degrees. There is a 90% chance of a steady rain between 9:00 – 11:00am. When the parade ends at approximately 11:00, the temperature is expected to be 37 degrees with a wind chill of 25 degrees. This is based on the following district policy:

Student Safety:

1. Marching performances should not take place if the temperature is below 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Wind chill factors must also be considered. If the wind chill results in a temperature effect of less than 36 degrees, performances should not take place.

2. Performances in rain, sleet and snow will not take place. Warm weather performances in which lightning is a possibility must be considered carefully.

3. Night performances must include assurances that staging areas and parade routes will be well-lighted and safe. Equipment Considerations:

Performances in which damage to uniforms or musical instruments must be avoided. (Rain, sleet, and cold weather are of particular concern.)
We regret not being able to participate in this year's parade.