Davenport mom reopens in-home spa business while homeschooling her kids

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Davenport, Iowa (KWQC) - A single, Davenport mom opened up about her experience running an in-home spa business while homeschooling her kids amid COVID-19.

Holly Curtis reopened Green Leaf Beautique on Sunday after closing due to COVID-19. (KWQC)

Holly Curtis, the owner of Green Leaf Beautique, is a pre-COVID-19 homeschool mom. She has four kids ranging from 8-years-old to 18 months old.

“This time is obviously challenging for all of us,” Holly said. “This is the way I make a living. I’ve been eager to get back to work but safely.”

A door separates the rest of her home from her business in the basement.

“We have new procedures in place. They are coming fully masked as well as myself during the entire duration of the appointments,” Holly said. “They are contacting me when they arrive. We make sure the other client has left before another client enters. We do have an exhaust system that filters out the air between each client.”

Bethany Nelson came in for an eyebrow appointment on Friday.

“I think the at home business people take this very seriously,” Nelson said. “That’s where the big source of their income is.”

Holly reopened her spa on Sunday after being forced to close for two months due to COVID-19.

“I filled up very quickly. I was booked up the entire week,” Holly said.

“The whole reason for opening a business inside my home is to be more present for my children,” she said. “I wear a lot of hats. Thank God for family. I do get a lot of help from my family.”

“Now parents are kind of navigating the homeschooling that I’ve been navigating this entire time,” Holly said. “It’s challenging certain days but the kids can have fun at home. They can have a lot of fun. You can make it fun.”