Davenport neighborhood on edge after "suspicious person" caught on camera trying to get into homes

Published: Sep. 4, 2019 at 4:13 PM CDT
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A suspicious man seen checking doors in a Davenport neighborhood has people in the area now living on edge.

Home security video provided to TV6 shows the man approaching homes on Jenna Drive in West Davenport and trying to open the doors. After being unsuccessful at one home, the man can be heard on the video saying, “that one’s really locked up.”

"I am angry and I have my eye out for the guy,” Lisa Hinrischen said Wednesday after confronting the guy in her yard. She said she leaned he had been in her garage after a neighbor’s security camera recorded him entering her opened garage and setting her car alarm off.

“It seemed like 2,3,4 minutes before he set off the alarm and then he came out and went down to other houses too,” she said.

The quiet neighborhood is now on alert and neighbors are watching out for each other. That includes Bob Timmons.

"We're going to keep our eyes open, doors lock, dogs fed and guns loaded,” he said.

The watchful eye is re-assuring for Hinrischen, who just moved from Wisconsin one month ago. She is not letting her guard down as she works to get her sense of security back.

"Don't come back into my neighborhood,” she said. “We know what you look like and we know your mode of operation. I wouldn't recommend coming back here. We are ready for you,” she added.

Davenport Police were called to the neighborhood Tuesday for a suspicious person, but were unable to locate anyone. No police report was filed. Davenport Police told TV6 they had not seen the security video provided to TV6, but they are looking into it.

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