Davenport neighborhood stops receiving mail due to neighbor's dogs

A Davenport neighborhood stopped receiving their mail after the post office said a neighbor’s dog attacked a mail carrier.

Heather Greiner owns the dogs, mid-June her mail stopped being delivered. She received a letter stating the reason, but she says her dogs never attacked anyone.

Heather Greiner says the post office asked her to make some changes to her yard.

“After the mail carrier stated her fears, we reinforced the gate to calm her fears, some and that still didn't seem to help,” says Greiner.

Still, the entire neighborhood didn’t receive mail.

“I blame the postal service completely. As far as I'm concerned this is an issue that they should be resolving with her, but the rest of us should be getting mail,” says Frank Jorfiaf, a neighbor.
“I have a neighbor who has cancer who cannot get his meds, because the mail's not being delivered,” says Greiner.

But while we were meeting with Greiner, her dog did escape. She said, he’s never done that before.
While at Greiner’s, the mail carrier delivered mail to the rest of the block, but still not to her home. The U.S. Postal Service sent us this statement –

“The safety of our carriers is a paramount concern at the Postal Service. There were 6,755 attacks on our carriers last year – 200 more than the year before. There were 146 dog attacks on mail carriers in 2016 in Hawkeye district – which comprises the entire state of Iowa.

We made the decision today to deliver the mail if and only if our carrier deemed it a safe setting to do so. That was not the case last week with multiple reported attacks on our carrier prompting the temporary suspension of mail. We consider this action on a case-by-case, house-by-house basis. A letter will be sent to impacted customers indicating the resumption of service, but if another dog attack/threat occurs, we will have to take action and identify another mode of delivery.

The reality is any dog can bite and postal management must take immediate action when there is any threat to our employees.”