Davenport neighborhood worried about speeding after car crashes into home

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - No one was hurt in the accident that left a gaping hole in a home on the intersection of West 17th Street and Elsie Avenue in Davenport. But, the owner of that home, and neighbors, say it's only a matter of time before someone does get hurt, and they're hoping this serves as a warning for drivers.

Car crashes through Davenport home

“We've got two stop signs opposite one another and neither one of them are used as a suggestion, they're just not used,” said the homeowner, Wendell Edwards.

Residents near that intersection say something needs to be done to slow down drivers.

“They're at least going 40, 45, sometimes 50 through here,” said Edwards’ neighbor, Wendy McGonigle. “Sometimes they're flying so fast that their back end comes up. We've had someone almost hit our 'No Parking' sign. We'll be playing out in the yard with Emma and they're just flying by like this is a speed race road.”

Edwards now has a hole in the side of his house, but he isn't surprised it happened.

“They'll come across this crown in the street, and get airborne to the point where we can sit here and see sparks come out from under their vehicle,” Edwards said.

His neighbors say they've been worried for years.

“I was just telling my mom we should stand out here and picket with signs saying slow down before you kill somebody - maybe that would help,” McGonigle added. “I don't know, speed bumps? There's really nothing we can do.”

They're just thankful no one was hurt, and they hope drivers know how serious the accident could have been.

“Make them aware. If they're speeding they can kill somebody. There are children out here. You can hit one of these kids and you can't take it back,” said McGonigle. “That's what is important: these kids out here playing on their bikes and playing in their yards. If they can go in a house, what's to say they can't run us all over when we're out in our yard playing?”

Edwards did say even though it's going to cost thousands to repair his house, it'll be worth it if it means the area becomes safer for his neighbors with children. He's just hoping this is a lesson and in the end it'll be for the greater good of the area.