Davenport parents upset because their kids won’t be bussed to school anymore

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Davenport, Iowa (KWQC) - The Davenport Community School District is cutting back on three of their bus routes to save $200,000.

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The district hasn’t confirmed which bus routes are being cut, but one neighborhood reached out to TV6 saying they were losing their bus stop.

Parents living off of Hillandale Road said the district called them saying they will no longer bussing their students to Fillmore Elementary, which is a 30 minute walk and about a mile and a half away.

"My kids are not walking. There has been too many kidnapping out here and they expect my kids to walk,” said Timarra Brown, one of the mothers. “That's unacceptable"

Moms who live at the Westview Terrace apartments said this will affect up to 25 kids in their neighborhood.

Not only were moms upset about the bus route removal, but so were the kids.

“I don't want to walk that far because my feet are going to hurt,” said Ajordance Lagrone - Schoeve, a Fillmore Elementary student.

Both moms and kids agree that the walk to school from their neighborhood is not safe.

"I don't like to walk to school because it's a long walk and there's a busy road over there and I just don't feel safe walking across,” said Timarion Brown, another Fillmore Elementary student.

The neighborhood moms said the road is so busy it's like a highway.

They also said there aren’t sidewalks for the kids to walk on during the entire way there.

"There's only one crosswalk,” said Aleshyia Lagrone, another student’s mother. “Yeah there might be a crossing guard there but what if one kid is late, what if one is early, what if there is that one kid that decides to be brave? No. It's not safe."

Lagrone said her little ones get excited to go to school.

"They hate when school is closed.They're ready to go now. How will they feel when they can't attend because it's too cold and you can't walk? Or what if it's too hot? It's unreal."

The moms said they question what they are going to do when the first day starts on August 26th.

Some said they might have to cut back on their work hours.
"If they can't resolve this I'm going to have to figure out what I'm going to do to be able to get my kids to school,” said Brown. “And I don't want to miss out on money that takes care of my kids. That's how I provide for the children in my household."

The moms said the school district didn’t tell them why they were cutting their school bus route.

TV6 reached out to the district for comments but they have not responded yet.