Davenport preschooler denied lunch, teacher on paid leave

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - A Children’s Village West teacher in Davenport is on paid administrative leave after parents say their 3-year-old girl was forced to go without lunch Tuesday.

Courtney Cole says her daughter, Lilianah, took off her socks and shoes and was punished by her teacher.

Lilianah, who is deaf and has difficulty communicating, was born with only one finger and one toe on each hand, making it difficult to put her shoes on; her family believes this was misinterpreted during Tuesday’s incident.

Her grandma, Sherry Cole, says “she tries for a minute and then gets frustrated and throws it off.”

Courtney says an email was sent to her from Lilianah’s teacher, which reads, in part, “We waited her out for about 40 min. signing for her to put them back on/and showing her what we expected, she refused. Since her refusal to comply lasted 40 min. lunch time was over. I showed her that her food was all done.”

A spokesperson for Davenport Community Schools confirmed to TV6 that the teacher was placed on paid administrative leave Wednesday, pending the outcome of an investigation.