Davenport school district waives extracurricular fees, adding an extra expense

Davenport, Iowa. (KWQC)- The Davenport School District unanimously approved to waive their extracurricular fees, adding a $700-800,000 expense to their budget each year.

Davenport's two-year budget reduction plan, showing they plan to cut an estimated $13,793,000 in the 2020 fiscal year.

It will be coming out of their general fund. Some have voiced their concern at adding this extra expense when the district has a two-year budget reduction for fiscal years 2019 & 2020 where they anticipate cutting over 13 million dollars.

Robert Scott, Associate Superintendent for Davenport Schools said, "this is an additional cost to the district, so yes there will have to be consideration.. I think the board will have a tough, hard decision as to what will happen to the future. But what they did on Monday was a good thing for our kids."

Taking a look at what other schools charge their students: Moline High School has a $40 fee for sports, with $100 rentals for instruments. Bettendorf has a $50 instrument maintenance fee. Rock Island requires $30 per sport, and activity costs vary per extracurricular.

Now, Davenport has no fees for extracurriculars with hopes that it will encourage more students to get involved. "When we sponsor an event, we want kids to know we want you out. We know what an impact extracurriculars have for students, and create such a successful environment for them and we want to make sure we maximize that" said Scott.

This could impact about one thousand students in Davenport, allowing them to go join any organization without having to worry about the cost. However, parents could still "pledge" or donate money to the organization to help them go to extra events. The extra money parents donate could go towards events the school doesn't deem academic necessities like extra games or if they wanted to take a charter bus instead of a school bus.