Davenport school leaders discuss state of the district

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Davenport is among many districts gearing up to go head back to class. On Monday, leaders took a closer look at the state of the district. They discussed everything from the expansion of pre-school to the Creative Arts Academy. It was a chance for board members to get updates on different initiatives and discuss the future.

"I think that focusing on providing appropriate resources for all students, for those students that really need additional help and offering great opportunists for those that are exceptional and they can move on," said School Board President Ralph Johanson.

Johanson says he thinks the district is making strides.

For his report, Superintendent Dr. Art Tate read off of a scroll a list of some positive things happening in the district. That included a leadership fighting for better funding.

"We have a school board that said, 'to hell with you, we're going to spend our money anyway.' They're risking their very titles and positions and nobody else in the state is doing that," said Tate.

District leaders say there's continuing the discussion over that issue in Des Moines. Johanson noted that there could be an update within a couple of months.

For now, they're focused on getting kids back to class and continuing or improving on some of the offerings.

"It's our responsibility to get the information out there and for parents and families and students to engage and really getting after it. Get that great education you want," added Johanson.

Board members heard about the implementation of Collaborative Teacher Teams, or CTT's. Teachers regularly work in groups to assess students and develop strategies. There was a lot of discussion over the dual graduate program at North High which some would like to see expanded. Davenport students head into their fall semester on August 24th.