Davenport shelter trying to home 30-lb cat named Meatloaf

(King's Harvest Pet Rescue Shelter)
(King's Harvest Pet Rescue Shelter)(KWQC)
Published: Aug. 14, 2018 at 5:23 PM CDT
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A feline like Meatloaf is so unusual that workers at the King’s Harvest Pet Rescue Shelter have never seen anything like him.

“A cat that weight at that age is a first for me,” said the shelter’s assistant director Rochelle Dougall.

“That’s extremely rare.”

Meatloaf at the distinguished age of eleven tips the scales at 30 pounds – roughly the weight of a two-year-old child.

Cats typically lose weight and often even become frail once they reach Meatloaf’s advanced years.

“But Meatloaf has obviously had access to food, probably human food,” Dougall said.

Meatloaf’s previous owners have become unable to care for him, so King’s Harvest is looking for the right person to adopt him.

The new owner should be able to handle 30-pounds and prepared to put Meatloaf on a proper diet.

“People love fat cats, but being obese is not good for him. He can’t run and jump like he should, so for his quality of life and sanity he needs to lose weight,” Dougall said.

Meatloaf is described as extremely affectionate with humans but does not get along with other cats.

Anyone interested in adopting should call (563) 386-3117.