Davenport woman speaks out after car stolen overnight

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - A Davenport woman reached out to TV6 early Thursday morning after her car and a Honda Pilot were stolen.

Sonya Fisher says she woke up to find her black Lexus had been stolen. Davenport police later found it in a parking lot. (Sonya Fisher)

Sonya Fisher says she woke up to an empty garage. Her black Lexus was stolen alongside her house keys.

Fearful the thieves would return, Fisher barricaded herself and her son inside their north Davenport home. Several hours later, Fisher says Davenport police called to tell her they found her SUV in a parking lot at 1021 E. 10th St.

While the exterior of her car was not damaged, the inside was trashed. Fisher shared several pictures with TV6 of the inside of her vehicle.

Though Fisher is thankful her car was found, "Who am I as a parent if I can't provide a safe night's sleep for my son. If he can't sleep safe, how can I? It's really been hard. It has been. It's been an emotional day. First you're upset, then your mad, then your sad it's just all over, all over the place."

Fisher tells TV6 she believes the driver's license and information belonging to the owner of the Honda Pilot was found inside her Lexus.

TV6 has made several calls and sent an email to Davenport Police asking if the two stolen cars are connected. TV6 was told more information could come tomorrow.