Day of Caring brings volunteers together

Published: Sep. 19, 2019 at 7:15 PM CDT
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Cities, non-profits, and individuals across the Quad Cities got some extra help today. It was all part of United Way's Fall Day of Caring.

People in Rock Island were on a scavenger hunt to do something positive. From the youth to the adults discovering all sorts of trash.

“Bunch of foam cups, plastic cups, plastic bags, cans, bottles, said Joel O’Brien, a volunteer.

The volunteers came from all over, but they all have the same goal to keep the Quad Cities clean.

“You drive by and you see a bunch of garbage on the side of the street and you get a perspective of a certain area,” said O’Brien.

“It's just nice for when people come to visit the Quad Cities. It doesn't matter where it's at,” said Jeremy Youngworth, a volunteer.

Over at sunset marina. These workers are bringing sunshine to a cloudy day.

“You know what, none of us are going to melt. It’s actually held off, so we just had a little bit of rain so everything is good,” said Anjel Tweet, a volunteer.

From drilling to cleaning up the park. This is what volunteers say the United Way Day of Caring is all about.

“We should all be involved in our community not just on the day of caring. Every day should be the day of caring,” said Tweet.

An initiative that's bringing more than laughs.

“Gives you a little warm fuzzy, so I think it's important,” said O’Brien.

“It was a good day to get out of the office and do something for our community,” said Cory Randolph.

United Way will host another day of caring next spring.

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