Dewitt Central Saber turned Denver Bronco sends support to Iowa school district after gun incident

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DEWITT, Iowa (KWQC) - Casey Kreiter's name is well known in Eldridge, Iowa. He used to be a saber on the field. He was known as a boy with a big heart. He's now a Denver Bronco on a mission to spread kindness to kids across the nation.

"Just be nice," Casey said.

Casey's mission has taken on a life of its own in the town of Eldridge. From 840 miles from the area he grew up, the Bronco long snapper did a deed with a goal to help the North Scott School District move past an incident that is hard to understand.

"Shock," he said. "You don't think it could happen that close to home or a tight-knit community like North Scott."

On Tuesday, days after a 12-year-old boy pulled out a gun inside of a junior high classroom, Krieter sent the district donuts and coffee. The gesture was simple, but the comfort it came with for those in North Scott was unmeasurable.

"To have someone out in Denver Colorado think about us and make that kind of gesture, it's special," North Scott Superintendent Joe Stutting said.

Along with the donuts and coffee was a note. Casey signed it on behalf of himself, his wife and his 13-month-old son, Landon. Casey said it was a signature with a purpose and a lesson years in advance.

"This sets the precedence for him," Casey said. "This is normal for us. This is normal for what I think I good human being should be doing and helping people out."

For those like Superintendent Stutting and Kreiter's father Kurt, the act of kindness is not a surprise.

"You hope you raise your kids the right way and these are some of the things that give you the indication that you did some of the right things," Kurt said.

"My big thing was I didn't want the teachers to not do their job or second-guess what they were doing," Casey said.

The saber turned bronco has a message for the district, and it goes beyond his good deed of donuts and coffee.

"For the teachers, keep doing what you're doing," Casey said. "For the community, just love each other. It's tough being a kid nowadays. I think that is part of the problem. Kids these days reach a point they don't know who to talk to, where to turn to or what avenue to go through."