Difficulties fixing potholes during the winter weather

MOLINE, Illinois (KWQC) - Potholes are a nuisance for us all, but they're especially frustrating for public works employees. Officials from Moline say the fluctuating temperatures make filling potholes effectively almost impossible.

“You've got all the weather changing, the freeze thaw cycles are tough on the roads,” said Moline’s Municipal Services Manager, Rodd Schick. “That's what causes a lot of the potholes to begin with.”

Officials in Moline say they try to get to every pothole complaint in order to make sure the roads are smooth, but sometimes even filling them doesn't help.

“Certainly you try to replace roads that are worse, that give you those problems,” said Schick. “In the fall you do as much as you can to do as much seeing of cracks and stuff, but water will find a way in and when it freezes and thaws it expands and contracts and you get a pothole.”

The rain and snow can easily wash away pothole fillings, sometimes as soon as the next day - and with the winter weather far from being over, they say plows add to the road stress.

“We've been plowing so you're beating up any of the patches that were previously out there, so yeah this is a tough time of year for all streets throughout the community,” Schick added.

They want the roads as safe and smooth as possible, but the fluctuating temperatures will continue to make that job more difficult.

“As far as driving goes you just have to be careful and on alert for it all the time. Don't underestimate any one you see. If you can safely and slowly maneuver around them we would certainly encourage everyone to do that,” said Schick. “As streets age, you're going to get them. That's the environment we live in - it's just going to happen.”

Schick also said to remember to be cautious and drive slow when they are out and about trying to fix the pot holes.